12-Month Money-Back Guarantee

Rest Assured and Buy Confidently

Trust is the cornerstone upon which Brifs.co is built. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and require the same from the buyers and sellers on our platform. Your user experience is paramount to our mission and it is with that notion that we offer the following guarantee on all purchases on our website:

For 365 days the purchase date our guarantee covers the following:

  1. Cards with an incorrect balance

  2. Cards delivered not as described when ordered

  3. Cards that are inactive

  4. Purchases of physical cards, which have not been received within 1 month from the purchase date

We do not cover:

  1. Changing of mind, or buyer's remorse

  2. Misunderstanding of the timing of card delivery and/or delivery method

  3. Misunderstanding of how a particular card is redeemed

  4. Failure to apply a promo code before buying a card balance

  5. Cards balances which have been misplaced or lost by the purchaser

  6. Accounts which violate the Brifs.co Terms of Service

  7. Card balances which have been added to external apps

  8. Card balances which are resold by entities unrelated to the Brifs.co

  9. Termination of honoring cards by the issuer including but not limited to reasons of bankruptcy, insolvency, and cessation of operations

  10. Purchases that took place more than 365 days prior

Brifs.co's 12-Month Money-Back Guarantee does not any savings or discount the purchaser received. Rather, our Guarantee only covers the purchase price of the gift card. If a portion of the card was used by the purchaser, a pro-rated refund will be offered.

If you would like to request an order refund or have any additional questions or concerns for your order with regard to the 12-Month Money-Back Guarantee, please contact Brifs.co Customer Support at support@brifs.co.